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Roy Choi on the Chow 13; Catch The Buttermilk Truck at Silver Lake Art Crawl

MEALS ON WHEELS— Yesterday announced its first annual list of top new influencers in the food world via the CHOW 13. No shocker here, Kogi chef Roy Choi made the cut. Of course he did. Read the full article/interview thing here. [EaterWire]

SILVER LAKE— The Silver Lake Art Crawl is coming up this weekend. Fri through Sun get psyched for gallery exhibitions, special events, and foodie fun. Here's the rundown. Materials & Applications gallery will host a neighborhood fish taco party on Saturday at their closing reception. A group of volunteers spent the last two months developing a tilapia fish farm maintained through local resources (collecting rainwater, for example, instead of exclusively relying on the city's water supply). And, you guessed it, the harvested fish will be fried up for the party. Then, on Sunday hit up the truck track at Barnsdall Art Park from 1-4PM. Let’s Be Frank, Dosa Truck, Del's Lemonade, Tiago Coffee, Coolhaus and newcomer The Buttermilk Truck will be at your service. [EaterWire] —YI

Kogi's Roy Choi. [Illustration: EAMO]

Kogi BBQ Food Truck

Moving Target!, Southern California, CA