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BP Oysterette is a Single Star "Hit"

Last month The Goldster tackled BP Oysterette producing a restaurant assessment that primarily touted the raw shellfish, and this time around SIV is in accord: "What's best here is the raw seafood -- oysters, clams, ceviche and some, but not all, of the cooked dishes." Accurately described, BP Oysterette is "a neighborhood kind of place" with a "smart" menu and "pretty much everything that people love about East Coast seafood -- oysters, clams, mussels, lobster rolls, fish 'n' chips, steamers -- is listed on the one-page menu." One of The Virbs major critiques is that "the kitchen tends to cook the fish a tad too long" which is pretty major if the restaurant in question specializes in seafood. Thus, she offers a piece of advice, "if you like your fish less cooked, it might be a good idea to ask for it medium rare." However, the real bomb is dropped when she gets to the "Big Dog" a half pound Kobe hot dog which elicits the remark, "you'd be hard-pressed to tell the difference between this and a regular Nathan's hot dog." Ouch. And finally, in this week's dose of nonsensical rating, SIV describes BP Oysterette as a "neighborhood hit" then grants the seaside bungalow a mere star. [LAT]

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BP Oysterette

1355 Ocean Ave., Santa Monica, CA, 90401