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Kogi Gets A Scion; The Sweets Truck Announces Its Purveyors

MEALS ON WHEELS-- Food & Wine magazine reports on its blog (via National Restaurant News) that Kogi Korean BBQ is adding another vehicle to their livery. So what is the new rolling restaurant? A custom built bright orange "Scion Kogi xD Mobile Kitchen." The hot hatch is tricked out with a grill, sink, grill equipment storage, and (of course) a complete Alpine Audio System. The Kogi xD previewed at the Scion Gallery in Culver City last week and should be rolling around for special events as you read this. Check out a behind-the-scenes YouTube video here. [EaterWire]

MEALS ON WHEELS (again)-- The much anticipated rolling bakery The Sweets Truck released a list of some of its partner sweet baked gooderies, including Cookie Casa, Madame Chocolat, Jones Coffee, Xtreme Desserts, and Sweet Riot. This truck-based dispensary of all things sacchariferous plans to start rolling in about two weeks. Follow them on Twitter (TheSweetsTruck) to get the scoop on their debut. [EaterWire]

Kogi BBQ Food Truck

Moving Target!, Southern California, CA