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La Bottega Marino Opens, New Restos Coming To Mid-Wilshire

BEVERLY HILLSTracking, tracking, tracking, finally this past Saturday outpost three of La Bottega Marino opened on Santa Monica. LAW dropped by the shiny new arched-ceiling eatery and today mentions the specifics: "full bar, a counter perched above the compact open kitchen...seats about 35...the menu is identical to the other Bottegas, which have all been revamped recently." [LAW]

MID-CITY— That new apartment complex at 5600 Wilshire is quickly losing its shine. Still trying to fill the apartments is one feat, though the ground level shop spaces have been empty for over a year too. Fortunately for Miracle Mile, they are getting some new restaurants along with the requisite dry cleaners and nail salon. Niko Niko Sushi is about to open yet another outpost next month. The place is still all concrete and steel, but expect the same simple menu and delivery at this location. Building employees say Submarina California Subs was about to open in one of the empty spots, but Submarina's franchise department claims it's a no-go, at least for right now. And lastly, as if LA doesn't have enough froyo parlors, Tutti Frutti is joining the ranks here in December as well. [EaterWire]

5900 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles, CA