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Splinters and Stones at Birdbath, Delphine, Lunch, MORE!

1) West Hollywood: It's been a while since the last Birdbath update, but glance above at the Santa Monica Blvd space which is slated to debut mid-February. Apparently, the eco-friendly bakery plans to deliver from a centralized bakery production location via man-propelled bike-thing to this here retail shop. [EaterWire]

2) Hollywood: Now that all of Bouchon's pre-opening madness has subsided, let's turn our attention to the behemoth W Hotel which has slowly added brick after brick, and above check out the almost completed project. With Delphine, its main eatery slated to open January 15, executives on-site are busy in meetings, trying to get everything wired and ready on time. Peering in, the view through the ground floor windows is quite amazing. Construction crews are moving at top speed, installing lamps, counters, floors, everything at once. For anyone eager to make an early resy, come late December the line will be open, so we'll share that number then.

From the looks of things, one restaurant doesn't seem like it could service the entire W property, fortunately five separate eateries are expected to open on site. Bakeries, cafes and other restaurant groups are currently in talks with the W about getting into one of their "retail-restaurant" centers. The whole kit and kaboodle should be complete by early Spring 2010. [EaterWire]

3) Mid-City: Celadon shuttered back in July '08 and the space has remained silent until now. B+S spots some recent construction and was told that the space will open mid-January as a “Venitian-style restaurant." AHA, could this be the new home of Filippo Cortivo and Mama?! [B+S]

4) Culver City: Last we checked Lunch was a plywood mess, but its since cleaned up and check out that pretty marble countertop. Owner Michelle Nigro unlocked the doors for a little peek inside the casual cafe which is expected to soft open this month serving lunch at first with dinner to follow. Eventually Nigro hopes to open for all thee meals, though like the name states, lunch will be the restaurant's main focus. Right now breakfast is tentatively scheduled for early January. Chef Sal Celona is on board to design the soup, salad, and sandwich-based menu, which will also include a make your own salad and make your own sandwich selection. For the (somewhat) recession friendly price of $9 you get whatever you want between two slices of bread plus one of their daily side dishes. Formerly at New York's Olives location working under the runaway groom Todd English, Chef Celona is happy to be in LA and remains busy hiring back of house staff. Meanwhile, Nigro has been working on her wine, beer and sake list. Taking inspiration from New York's bar scene, she's crafting a list of wine-based cocktails and looking forward to offering tastings and flights at the bar. Pending permits and inspections, the place is ready to open any day now. Which is to say whenever the health department feels like it...

8951 Santa Monica Blvd., Los Angeles, CA