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Thomas Keller on Bouchon Bakery LA: "It Will Happen"

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Around the time of Bouchon's grand opening soiree, the rumormill squeaked to a start with murmurs of Bouchon Bakery sprouting up in these here parts. Sweet (literally)! Unfortunately, our hopes were dismissed by His Highness' PR team, stating that while there were talks of opening a Bouchon Bakery in LA, the project has since been dismissed. Do note all this banter took place on the date of November 18. However, last week (Nov. 23) in a Zagat interview with Thomas Keller himself, trusty Merrill Shindler asks, "It's great to have a Bouchon in Beverly Hills. But where's the bakery? Bouchon without a bakery feels like it's missing something." Followed by Keller's response, "We're working on it. We're working with the city on finding a space for a small bakery. The bakery is part of Bouchon – it will happen." OMG (yay). [Zagat]


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