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Stonefire Grill Claims Marie Callender's Space, The Future of Dining, Bloody Bill To Open Permanent Restuarant

WESTLAKE VILLAGE— From the inbox: "Many of us extant Eater LA readers live out here in the hinterlands, and a subject of much speculation has been what is going to happen to the old Marie Callender's site on Thousand Oaks Blvd. It was practically historical status, it has been there so long. I suspect no matter what goes in there, people will call it 'the old Marie Callender's' to describe it. It appears that successful (seven in ten years! Who knew?) upscale fast food outlet Stonefire Grill will be going in there, according to the local news source Thousand Oaks Acorn." [Eater Inbox]

BEVERLY HILLS— Is The Bazaar "the future of dining?" Perhaps, says the WSJ. Reasons to support speculation: 1. Serves small plates. 2. Located in a hotel 3. Bar Centro is the main attraction. 4. It's casual (they said it, not me). 5. Feels nightclubby. 6. Serves molecular gastronomy. 7. It's HUGE and open. [WSJ]

HOLLYWOOD— After the Bloody Bill's pop-up, chef William Annesley hopes to open a Cajun/Creole bbq spot in late 2010. He's currently searching for locations in the Hollywood or Silver Lake vicinity. [DD]

The Bazaar by Jose Andres

465 South La Cienega Boulevard, West Hollywood, CA 90048 Visit Website

Stonefire Grill

3635 E. Thousand Oaks Blvd., Westlake Village, CA, 91361