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Tiger Sushi

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Phone: 310-274-3200
Status: Opened TuesdayBeverly Hills, the more it changes, the more it stays the same. Here we have newcomer Tiger Sushi, hot on the heels of previous tenant Lucky Fish. Apparently the conveyor belt sushi concept didn't work out, so Lucky Fish has moved on and, according to its website, is still on the lookout for a new location. Hm. Meanwhile, the Monarchy Hospitality Group's Tiger Sushi has embraced Japanese fusion with a menu ranging from oyster shots to (yawn) spicy tuna rolls. But it's really a doozy of a menu. Let's start with the angel hair pasta with uni, Guinea hen with Champagne vinaigrette, lobster carpaccio, filet mignon, robata -- clearly there's a big mix here. No shocker to hear that beer, sake, and wine are the beverages of choice, and there's even a tres leches cake for dessert. Tres leches? True. As for design, the shot over right displays the long, narrow layout, but we remember this from Lucky Fish. However, one new addition does include a private dining room and bar in the back. Opening hours: 12-3PM Mon-Sat; 6-11PM Mon-Sun.
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Tiger Sushi

338 North Canon Drive, Beverly Hills, CA, 90210

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