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More Changes at Comme Ca, Exec Chef Michael David Out

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It's been nothing but drama over in David Myers land. To start, there was that situation with Sona plus assets being auctioned, followed the shutter of Comme Ca "Bakery," and now there's more. Comme Ca's executive chef Michael David, who has been on board since day one, was dethroned last week. Rumor has it he was fired, but either way his sous Dong Choi is now in command. Also, following suit with Sona, Comme Ca too went through management changes last month and the director of operations is doneski as well. Anyway, here is what the head honcho (David Myers) has to say:

"Michael David has been part of our team for over seven years and though we offered him an opportunity with one of our upcoming projects, he decided to move on from the company. While we are sad to see him go, we realize that his aspirations extend beyond our restaurant group and we wish him continued success in all future ventures. Dong Choi, who has been with Comme Ca since opening, has replaced Michael as Executive Chef. In addition to his work at Comme Ca, he brings with him years of experience at Joël Antunes and Sona. Eric Samaniego, who cooked in the kitchen at Charlie Trotter’s in addition to Sona, will continue as Sous Chef.
In regards to changes on the managerial side, we felt that we needed to install a new team in order to take Comme Ca to the next level of hospitality. We have received nothing but positive feedback in regards to our new staff and are excited to enter into the New Year with such a devoted and energetic team."

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