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The Market, Gourmet Space, Coming To Santa Monica Place

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In addition to the slew of fast casual eateries set to sprout inside the under-construction behemoth Santa Monica Place, now comes word of a different breed, The Market. Conceptually modeled after open-air markets like San Francisco's Ferry Building and NYC's Chelsea Market, The Market boasts independently-owned purveyors hawking the likes of gourmet cheeses, fresh fish, meat, flowers, chocolate, that kind of stuff. And, apparently some vendor spots are still open, so if you want to sell your gourmet wares, contact SMP. Anyway, The Market will be situated on the Dining Deck and naturally its design draws inspiration from its urban beach setting. Think bright, open, airy, large glass windows, exposed ceilings, raw concrete floors plus the use of recycled materials where ever possible. Exciting, Santa Monica could definitely use a market like this. Watch for an opening Aug 6, at least for now.
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The Market

1453 3rd Street Promenade, Santa Monica, CA, 90401