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Shelly Cooper, Wednesday 1:08PM

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Welcome to Right This Second, a new post that answers the question, What are you doing right this second?


Shelly Cooper

Here we have chef Shelly Cooper of upcoming First & Hope. Where are you and what are you doing right this second? Meeting with Mark Stanish, our restaurant consultant and Johnny Lee our stainless steel guru. Makin' my kitchen sparkle the way I like it. Tasting Chef Jenny's Lemon Chicken Pot Pie Ravioli - Delicate, precise, clean; intensify the flavors and it's perfect! What was this morning’s wakeup call? Still reeling from last night's revealing conversation with a well-sculpted gentleman from my past. What are you up to tonight? Putting my voom-voom on and going to the exotic car show to meet my future ex-husband and window shop for my future new car - boo-yah!

What are you doing right this second, chef? Self-snap a camera phone pic, answer the above questions and send the whole biddy this way.