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Searching For Torta Ahogada, The Mexican Sandwich

The Goldster continues on with his Mexico kick this week calling out "the king of Mexican sandwiches," torta ahogada, " a kind of hard-crusted roll called a birote, which is split and smeared with a thin layer of lardy beans before it is stuffed with chunks of roasted pork. A cup or so of thin tomato sauce is poured over the top, augmented with as much chile sauce as you can tolerate. There will be strands of house-pickled onion strewn lovingly, and limes to squeeze over the top." And though he mentions over a handful of acceptable restaurants serving the aforementioned, "the best in town are without question at Chago Ahogadas, a satellite of one of the better-regarded tortas ahogadas restaurants in Guadalajara itself. The birotes are baked on premises, the roasted pork is both crisp and succulent, and the complex intensity of the chile works its way into your brain like the wobbly hook of a Dr. Dre song." [LAW]


6426 Whittier Blvd, Los Angeles, CA