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LA's Sexiest Chef Round 3: Arrington, Menasche, Samson, May

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Before we get to yesterday's results, a quick word. If you've nominated a chef that has not appeared in the competition thus far you have probably either a) forgot to include a photo b) forgot to include the chef's full name or c) forgot to include the chef's place of work. So, if you still want to get a nom in, please resend that information here. Thanks. Now on to yesterday's results. Another show-stealer, Danielle Keene walked away with, again, over 50% of the votes. High five and we'll see you back here soon enough. Back to the task at hand. For today's installment of round three please give a warm round of applause to Nyesha Arrington of Cache, Ori Menasche from Angelini Osteria, one from the David Myers crew Steve Samson chef at Pizzeria Ortica, and finally Monica May hailing all the way from Nickel Diner. On your mark, get set, vote!