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Q&A With Adolfo Suaya: Bar Delux, The Surly Goat, Osaka

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Upon hearing of the Bar Delux switcheroo and realizing its been ages since an Osaka update, we figured it was high time to check in with proprietor Adolfo Suaya for the full scoop (he just happened to be in Buenos Aires at the time). Below he sets the record straight on Bar Delux, shares a few details on The Surly Goat, and confirms a spring opening for Osaka plus its pisco bar.

1. Let's talk about Bar Delux. What's going on over there? I'd like to set the record straight on this. Bar Deluxe was a good business venture for me, it was highly successful, and my decision to sell it was profitable. I sold the place on an upswing. It's still open. It's still Bar Delux. If you want to know what's happening with it after the new year, please call Alex Levin, he knows just how successful it is. I've been getting calls from business associates and friends saying, 'Hey, we heard you closed Bar Deluxe? Why?' and I hate having to repeat myself.

2. So, why did you sell Bar Delux? The business decision was made both because it was profitable and easy to sell, even in this market, and because it represents my desire to move from the nightclub side of the business back to what I know and enjoy, restaurants. I want to keep my hand in the bar business, thus The Surly Goat. I have no plans to open any more clubs. Restaurants are what I do best.

[Photo: John Russo for WSJ]

3. The Surly Goat is getting a lot of great press. How is it working with Ryan Sweeney? Ryan is a pro, he's a beer guy. He's got his hand in lots of different things now because he's good. This is a 50/50 partnership with Ryan overseeing construction and menu and beer list and things like that. He's going to be handling most of the operations side of things. The beer bar scene in West Hollywood is virtually non-existant, so this is a good opportunity.

4. Osaka has been delayed for a while now. What's the deal? The delays are intentional. Osaka is going to be a very special kind of place. It's meant for a particular kind of clientele. Right now, in Hollywood, that kind of clientele is only just discovering the area. What we're really waiting for is for the W to open. That's our market, those are Osaka's diners. So to say it's being delayed for construction or permits, that's not true at all. I am personally delaying the opening. Opening a restaurant, it has to be the right time. It also can't open right with the W. Hollywood needs time. We're aiming for March or April 2010.

5. What can we expect from Osaka? Well, it's going to have three dining rooms. One, the main dining room, will be elegant, cozy, with a fireplace. Another room will be a ceviche bar, but not what LA thinks of as ceviche, this is Peruvian ceviche. In fact, I am meeting with some people here [in Argentina] about the menu later today. The other dining area is a patio only. It's going to be heavily landscaped with a pisco bar. Do you know pisco? This is a very cocktail oriented place. Think of it as Peruvian-Japanese fusion. It's a completely new concept.

6. Any other plans for 2010? My focus is Osaka. The Surly Goat too, but mainly Osaka. Otherwise, I'll let you know.
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