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Who Do You Think Is The Sexiest Chef In LA? Nominate Now!

<a href="">Last year's</a> poster child, Govind Armstrong.
Last year's poster child, Govind Armstrong.

We recently noticed that our sister site Eater NY had announced NYC's search for The Hottest Chef in New York 2009, and though it fitting to jump onboard. Therefore, to start December off with a bang, we introduce The First Annual Sexiest Chef in LA competition, as decided by Eater readers far and wide. As you may remember, last year we held this such contest, though a reigning champ was never announced, so we're starting from scratch alllll over again. Here's how to play: Send your nominations for the hottest chef in LA along with a picture or link to an image and we'll (or rather you'll) decide the old fashioned way -- a vote.

The rules: Anyone working in a commercial kitchen-- sous, chef de cuisines, line cooks, pastry chefs, young, old, men, women-- all are game. Just make sure he/she cooks within the greater LA area. Your time starts now.