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Loft Bar, District, Top Chef- The Rap

DOWNTOWNOpening in about six months is (tentatively titled) Loft Bar, a 6,277 square-foot pool hall and bar taking over the second floor of the Rosslyn Lofts. Its liquor license was approved last week, construction starts soon. [LADTN via GS]

HOLLYWOOD— With Mercantile open and serving, it's time to turn the attention to big brother District. Thrillist scores a little sneak peek into the future January opening, and for those looking to get in early, for $100 celebrate NYE at District's bar. [Thrillist]

TOP CHEFFAGE— First came Top Chef wine, now thanks to Gucci Mane (?) and Akon, please welcome Top Chef...the rap (song). [VodPod via Eater National]

Loft Bar

451 S. Main Street, Los Angeles, CA