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Checking In At Cedd Moses' Las Perlas

Remember those bare bones plywood shots from back in July? What a ways Las Perlas has come over the past five months. Construction isn't moving at lightening speed, but it's certainly moving. As of now, Cedd Moses' newest downtown addition, a Tequila and mezcal bar, should open the first quarter of 2010. Raul Yrastorza, Las Perlas' GM who currently heads Cole's Red Car Bar, is creating the menu that will represent the finest selection of spirits available in the country. So far the mezcal list includes Del Maguey Tobala, Don Amado anejo/blanco, Sombra, Metl reposado, Ilegal anjeo, Del Maguey Pechuga, and for Tequila 7 Leguas reposado, Chinaco anejo, Gran Centenario anejo, Herradura Antiguo, Herradura blanco, and Don Fulano blanco. Also watch for Mexican cervezas.
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—Yolanda Evans

Las Perlas

7511 Santa Monica Boulevard, , CA 90046 (323) 822-5065 Visit Website

Las Perlas

103 East Sixth Street, Los Angeles, CA