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Sunnin Opens; Doughboys Debuts in January; SIV Steps Into Lazy Ox + Josef Centeno's Next Endeavor

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WESTWOOD— Grub Street reports that after many, many, many delays, Sunnin has finally opened in its massively expanded digs. The menu remains largely unchanged. [GS]

MID-CITY— Another uber delayed project, the relaunch of Doughboys now states claim that come January 11 the show will go on. [LAW]

DOWNTOWN; The Early Virb, and a particularly early one at that, shows promise from super new kid on the block Lazy Ox Canteen; "... plates are going back to the kitchen without a speck of food left. That's enthusiasm. And why not, when you've ordered the crispy fried buttermilk quail with walnut sauce or the braised pot roast with cream of wheat, and this is brilliant -- kumquats and red wine. Mmmmm...Lazy Ox Canteen is just what Little Tokyo could use: an eclectic tavern. Good start!...But wait: Cardenas isn't done. He's already planning a Japanese grill restaurant next door." So there you have it. Baby number two is on board. [LAT]

Sunnin Lebanese Cafe

1776 Westwood Boulevard, , CA 90024 (310) 475-3358 Visit Website


1776 Westwood Blvd., Westwood, CA