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Q&A With Man Around Town, Thomas Keller

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After reading Merrill Shindler's revealing interview with Thomas Keller not too long ago, we were obviously jumping for joy to read that Bouchon Bakery is heading this way. So, we decided to hit up Sir Keller ourselves to see if we could procure any additional details. Below, he shares potential hope for perhaps a fine dining establishment in these here parts, remains mum on the bakery, and shares his go-tos for dining when in town. Enjoy!

1. First of all, congratulations on opening Bouchon Beverly Hills. How's everything going over there? Thank you! Bouchon is doing well and on Friday night we had our grand opening for Bar Bouchon. It’s great to be here in Beverly Hills.

2. As of now, how much time are you spending in LA? I’ve been spending a fair amount of my time here in LA, making sure that I provide my staff with support and direction. We released our book Ad Hoc at Home almost at the same time we opened the restaurant last November so I’ve been splitting my time between the two.

3. Would you ever consider opening a fine dining destination like Per Se or The French Laundry in LA? It is definitely something to consider, but somehow I feel Bouchon is a great fit because of its accessibility and neighborhood feel.

4. When you come to LA and eat out, what are your favorite restaurants? Bouchon, of course, but I certainly enjoy visiting my colleagues’ restaurants like Wolfgang’s Spago which is just down the block from us, Walter Manzke’s Church & State, Urasawa for some great sushi and Nate ‘n' Al for a quick bite.

5. We're all very excited about Bouchon Bakery. Any thoughts on where in Beverly Hills it will open? It’s something we really want to do!

6. Any thoughts on when it will open? Will keep you posted.

7. Do you have a favorite baked good sold at Bouchon Bakery? I like them all but I have a fondness for chocolate so the TKO’s and the bouchons are some of the things that I frequently enjoy, as well as our peanut butter cookies.

8. Lastly, any exciting upcoming holiday plans? Golf and hopefully I get to spend some time at the beach.


235 North Canon Drive, , CA 90210 (310) 271-9910 Visit Website

Bouchon Bistro

2101 Galiano Street, , FL 33134 (305) 990-1360


238 North Canon Drive, Beverly Hills, CA