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Matteo's Modern Metamorphosis

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Back in 2007, Don Dickman took over the kitchen at old timer Matteo's on Westwood Blvd, though his tenure was short lived and a matter of months into the game, he peaced out. Finally, a year later Antonio Orlando stepped up to the plate and still maintains the kitchen to this very day. Nonetheless, clearly continual changes transpiring in Matteo's kitchen, though now comes word that the the leopard skin and lipstick red-bedecked dining room have undergone a complete overhaul, producing, ta-da: the transformation above created by Rivera and Il Grano designer Osvaldo Maiozzi. Since red is still the color of choice, ("spiced wine" replaced the bright red) it's a bit hard to tell in the before/after photo, so click through the thumbnails for a few more images to prove the point.

Now there's a new modern bar and lounge area with wood flooring, white marble bartop, yellow banquettes, private wine room with Venetian dome ceiling, and wine wall- nicely done, a much needed improvement. To match the emperor's new clothes, a relatively new menu went into effect just about three months ago.
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2321 Westwood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA, 90064