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Thoughts on Philippe

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Philippe Chow's Philippe has been open for almost exactly two months now. Whew, that flew by, didn't it? Much ado was made about Dolce's reincarnation earlier this year (lawsuits notwithstanding), and despite menu items like the famed Peking duck, this was the kind of place that foodies looked at with suspicion. And, we're not surprised it appeared on a recent episode of The Hills. Anyway, by now many have complimented and complained, which is why it's high time to round up the buzz and roll out another edition of Good News/Bad News. As always, your additional thoughts are very much welcome in the comments and/or straight to us.

Happy Arrival News: "Whatever tears were shed for the demise of Dolce, can now be dried with the arrival of Philippe, in the same space on Melrose. The smell of fresh paint and upholstery is still in the air, but only as a brief distraction. Once the menu hits the table and the food is ordered, one is taken to a culinary heaven redolent with scrumptuous satays, brilliant duck, and a won ton soup that is second to none. Get thee to Philippe!!" [ZAGAT]

Unhappy Arrival News: "I love that so few people care about the opening of this restaurant." [Eater Comments]

J.Gold Reflects: "Philippe is a new-generation offshoot of Mr. Chow, which is to say it serves the kind of Chinese food that would have passed muster in London in the swingin' '60s...Would the seat belt-width chicken satay with cream sauce wow the folks at Giang Nan? Perhaps not. But are you going to see Diddy, Young Jezzy or Mariah with mancessory Nick eating jellyfish head in Monterey Park? Dream on." [LAW]

Somewhat Positive News: "...the latest outpost of the Philippe empire doesn't look like much from the outside... but inside it becomes abundantly clear that this is the spot for a little dim sum and then some. Favorites include the crispy beef, chicken lettuce wraps, delicately fragrant seabass, nine seasons spicy prawns and pan-fried veggie dumplings." [CitySearch]

Less Good Dumpling News: "We just ate there, and the food was middling to downright awful-at mindblowing prices. I didn't think someone could make a fried dumpling I didn't like. The inside was flavorless mush. I am still worried it was raw pork." [CH]

On The Other Hand: "...although you are likely to find something more authentic in Chinatown or Monterey Park, you are unlikely to encounter the Technicolor dream coat of hues on your plate elsewhere..." [Metromix / LAT]

Really Good News: "Went here with three words in mind: Seven pound duck. Delicious is the one word I left with. It arrives at your table perfectly roasted, where it's then carved table side and you lucky yelper get to enjoy it with beyond yummy plum sauce and pancakes. You must order this duck and try for yourself- there is no downside- even the 45 min wait for it to reach roasted perfection is well worth it." [Yelp]

Twitter Says: "Philippe Chow! I die for this place....chicken and broccoli yummy!" [Twitter]

Ugly News: "They had better hope that the old "There's a sucker born every minute" gets a substantial production increase to one per second or they are rapidly going to run out of sucker...err diners with room on their credit cards willing to subsidize this brand of LA lunacy.... One other thing: After cutting the duck into the appropriate slices, the rest of the duck was not to be seen again. In other words, all you get from the $75 duck is a big plate of meat & skin slices - no drumstick, no wings. BUT, to their credit, I didn't ask for the rest of the duck to munch on (and there was already a lot of slices - we took a lot of it home in fact)... In other words, an upscale PF Chang's, with food to match." [CH]
— Daniela Galarza


8284 Melrose Avenue West Hollywood, CA, 90046