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The Umami Truck (Hopefully) Launches Friday

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Here, quite obviously, is a first shot of the Umami Truck which, according to owner Adam Fleischman, should launch Friday. As it stands, the truck is expected to be stationed outside Fred Segal in Santa Monica through the rest of 2009 and once Umami at Fred Segal opens, the truck will start making rounds on the west side. However, do note that once the truck hopefully rolls out on Friday, offices have the options of calling in an order (we'll share the number soon) and the truck will drive over to deliver (and presumably cook on site). Totally great. On another note, tonight is that Steve Livigni and Daniel Nelson cocktail party at Umami Urban. Another creative cocktail to consider, the Michelada beer cocktail with homemade msg seasoning. Try it tonight.
·Umami Burger, The Truck [~ELA~]

Fred Segal SM

500 Broadway Santa Monica, CA, 90401