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Rum Revival Headed for The Tar Pit

If you've been wondering, like us, about the soon-to-be cocktail culture coming to Mark Peel and Audrey Saunders' The Tar Pit, The NY Times sheds some light on the topic. "Rum is getting a second look" and according to Saunders, "Now it’s like: ‘Oh, I miss that girlfriend. You know what? Those were fun times'...Saunders intends to bring back the fun with the Tar Pit...About a quarter of the drinks on the opening menu will stand on a foundation of rum. The bar’s theme is more what Saunders calls 'old-Hollywood swellegance' than Polynesian kitsch, but early next year she intends to move aggressively in that direction, with a selection of what she calls 'neo-tropical cocktails.' " Also on tap, "more props."
·Staging A Rum Rebellion [NYT]
·Audrey Saunders Crafting Cocktails For The Tar Pit [~ELA~]

The Tar Pit

609 N. La Brea Ave., Los Angeles, CA

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