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A Single Star Shines For La Cachette Bistro

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Today's foray into the Los Angeles dining circuit involves a trip to newish La Cachette Bistro. According to SIV, "It's no secret that La Cachette's menu in recent years wasn't as compelling as it was when Meteigner opened in 1994. But with this move, you'd think he would jump at the chance to reinvent himself and his restaurant. He does have lower prices. He's doing more charcuterie, and he's added a handful of bistro classics to the menu. But, in the end, La Cachette the bistro feels very similar to La Cachette the restaurant...
Don't get me wrong. You can have a perfectly acceptable meal here, but probably not much more, if you stick to the charcuterie and raw bar to start."

Yikes, rather harsh. SIV continues on to say, "...the large menu has more misses than hits. Salads are overdressed, and I can't believe he is still inflicting truffle oil dressing on endive, blue cheese and walnut salad. Or how unattractive the beet, avocado and tomato tower is, not to mention boring." And in finality, "Though Meteigner professes to be excited about a bistro, the food shows his heart really doesn't seem to be in it. Going bistro doesn't have to mean going strictly traditional...But if you're going to open a bistro, you have to do it with conviction. And that's one thing this kitchen lacks." [LAT]

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La Cachette Bistro

1733 Ocean Ave., Santa Monica, CA