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Rolling Stone Magazine to Open Its Own Restaurant Chain

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While most old media outlets try to adjust to the new times in ways like Twitter or something, Rolling Stone Magazine is going to take the plunge into the dining industry. The iconic rock and roll publication will open its own restaurant concept in Hollywood, notes Eater National. It's billed as a "an exciting blend of equal parts restaurant, bar, lounge and upscale private-event space" in the Hollywood & Highland center, right next to super touristy attractions like the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Grauman's Chinese Theater and the Kodak Theatre. Makes sense.

The men tasked to be in charge of project are serial entrepreneurs Niall Donnelly and Joe Altounian, owners of the Lucky Rug Group, who have created nightlife empire across the pond in the UK. As for the design, the 10,000-square-foot, two-level venue will "reflect the progressive timelessness for which Rolling Stone is known," meaning exposed black brick and vaulted ceilings plus a "stunning" antique iron staircase. Stunning! It's set to open in summer 2008.

However, as the LA Times story points out, most interesting part might be that there's a Hard Rock Cafe also set to open this May in the same complex. The Rolling Stone team insists that their concept will be more higher-end than the ubiquitous Hard Rock's cheesy offerings. Still: awk-ward!
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