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Gabriel Morales, Friday 12:47PM

Welcome to Right This Second, a new post that answers the question, What are you doing right this second?


Gabriel Morales

Here we have chef Gabriel Morales of Provecho. Where are you and what are you doing right this second? I'm in the Britsh Virgin Islands on Virgin Gorda with my baby girl, Mackenna and wife, Jill. We're enjoying our first vacation since the opening of our restaurant Provecho, and bar, Remedy Lounge. We are celebrating one year in business together as a family. The Caribbean is a very special place for us, we were married here a few years ago. What was this morning’s wakeup call? I awoke to the sound of waves crashing against the shore... oh...wait...I mean I awoke to Mackenna crying for her bottle! She's very cute, but when she wants to, she can be very "assertive." What are you up to tonight? Tonight I'm having the fresh line caught wahoo at dinner with my family at a local restaurant. I enjoy trying local flavors and cuisine at places I travel to, and I use my experiences as inspiration for new menu items at Provecho.

What are you doing right this second, chef? Self-snap a camera phone pic, answer the above questions and send the whole biddy this way.


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