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Food + Lab Set To Double In Size

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Food + Lab opened just under a year ago by Cornell-grad Nino Linsmayer (hence the name Food + Lab, a class offered at the school "food lab"), and already the small cafe and retail space is about to double in size. Construction starts in two weeks on the motorcycle shop next door where Food + Lab will expand to take over one third of their space. This addition will aesthetically be modeled after the space that exists now and result in more indoor seating. Nino expects to serve a wider variety of take-home meals, more sandwiches, offer a full range of European cakes and desserts, sell cookbooks, flowers, and spices, so basically up the ante in terms of small gourmet market. Watch for completion by January 2. [EaterWire]

Food + Lab

7253 Santa Monica Blvd, Los Angeles, CA, 90046