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Umami Los Feliz, One Star For Better Bargain Burgers

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With three location and a soon-to-debut truck, it's high time SIV took a bite out of an Umami burger. After visiting the Los Feliz location, she bestows a single star saying, "I like Umami Burger, but it's hardly the second coming. I find a little too much sweetness in the bun and in the toppings for my palate. But for the occasional indulgence, it's a great place to grab a quick bite without breaking the bank." And as usual, the star rating doesn't necessarily match up with the review because she seems to really quite enjoy the burgers save for the "dry, dry, dry" turkey burger. One would think with a single star rating there would be more criticism, but there's not. Sher even continues on to say:

"...These are much more than basic burgers. The meat is better. The buns too....[and the] Burgers are quite the bargain. Each looks picture-perfect -- shiny brown bun, rounded at the top; thick, juicy patty. They're on the petite side, actually, which is a good thing...And the beef is cooked to a perfect medium-rare."

Ah, well, so it goes. No huge shockers here. The fries, both regular and sweet potato, win points and even desserts fare well. In finality, "if In-N-Out rules for the classic drive-through burger, Umami makes a strong case for the embellished burger." [LAT]

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Umami Burger

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4655 Hollywood Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA