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Week in Reviews: 2.5 Stars, No Crowds For Drago Centro

Photo by Alen Lin

This week, Sherry Miss Irene stops by Drago Centro, Celestino Drago's ambitious downtown concept. The bright side is that, despite an inconvenient location, the menu is already firing on all cylinders ("eminently worth the effort"), but unfortunately, The SIV points out that the town has not yet taken notice:

This is a seriously good restaurant that exudes urban chic. It's got views, a glamorous setting, a private dining room with a demonstration kitchen in a former bank vault and, most important, the best Italian cooking in the area, and some of the best anywhere in L.A. But where are the crowds?
In the end, even though she worries about the crowds and gets confused about the parking situation, Miss Irene loves the rest of the Drago show, from the $7 million design to the "savvy" wine list: "everything about Drago Centro spells top-notch." Final grade: a tidy 2.5 stars. [LAT]

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Drago Centro

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