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EaterWire: Abou-Daoud's Latest Debuts, Eat Cuts Hours

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HOLLYWOOD—The latest step in George Abou-Daoud's plan to gradually take over Los Angeles will take place tonight with the debut of his new, unnamed wine bar, situated between two of his other properties, Delancey and Mission Cantina (pictured). The LAT has some details about the vibe: "Abou-Daoud described the room as covered with plush purple velvet and said that it offers a variety of wine flights and tasting." [EaterWire]

HOLLYWOOD—Some foreboding news from Gower Street, where the Patina Group's Eat on Sunset is now no longer open for dinner service, effective immediately. It seems the place is still open for lunch, but suffice to say things don't look entirely promising. [EaterWire]

[Photo: Alen Lin]