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Eater StarWatch: Gail at Father's Office 2.0, Hobbits at Ivan Kane and More Celeb Sightings

You see them eating and they don't care if they see you. Want to submit an item for the StarWatch? You know the number.
[Alen Lin 5/08]

1) Father's Office: Oh Gail, everyone's missed you this year. From the Inbox: "Last night around 830 p.m. my boyfriend and I saw Gail Simmons at the bar at Father's Office in Culver City. She was talking to a man seated next to her. We thought about interrupting her conversation to tell her that she is a much better Top Chef judge than Toby Young, but decided not to." [StarWatch Inbox]

2) Ivan Kane: Hobbits apparently enjoy the trendy scene: "Elijah Wood and Dominic Monaghan, stars of the Lord of the Rings Trilogy, spotted hanging out at the Ivan Kane's Cafe Was absinthe bar in the mezzanine." [StarWatch Inbox]

3) STK: "Went to STK last night for dinner and saw Bill Maher and his attractive date at a booth near the center of the restaurant. It looked like Bill was hamming it up, as they were laughing the entire meal. A while later, Cristian De La Fuente (CSI Miami, Dancing with the Stars alum) walked in and joined a giggly table of 4 girls." [StarWatch Inbox]

4) Beard Papa/Mani's: A pair of stars spotted on the pastry circuit: "Hello - spotted this weekend: Saturday night -- an ornery, grey-haired, schlubby Jon Lovitz at the Beard Papa Cafe on Sawtelle. Sunday night -- polar opposite: Billy Zane, looking quite the movie star at Mani's Bakery on Fairfax. Cheers." [StarWatch Inbox]

5) Rush Street: "Stacey Kiebler seen dining with friends at Rush Street in Culver City." [StarWatch Inbox]

6) Locanda del Lago: From the Locanda folks: "Locanda del Lago on Santa Monica's Third Street Promenade was crowded last Friday night (2/6) with a seeming 'Starsky and Hutch' reunion -- Paul Michael Glaser and David Soul dined with two friends, while across the room Shelley Long, with a few friends" [StarWatch Inbox]

7) Water Grill: "Spotted Diedrich Bader around 7 p.m. at downtown's Water Grill with three others; had a hard time explaining to one of my dining companion who he is (Oswald on Drew Carey show; the 'neighbor' from Office Space)." We still goin' fishin' this weekend, Peter? [StarWatch Inbox]