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Rally Cry: Mani's Requests Your "Economic Support"

Introducing Rally Cry, a recession-appropriate answer to our suspension of the Deathwatch. Rally Cry will take on a couple of evolving formats, but one will be as this Rally Cry is: a straightforward plea from management or local customers for support for a struggling venue. To qualify, venues shall be staring down death dead in the face. Publicists need not apply, but others can direct their cries to
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When not being literally overshadowed by the mighty McRib, Mani's Bakery on Fairfax has been providing organic fare to Mid-City since the 80s. But in times like these, no one is safe, especially the town's smaller operations. According to Mani's, December '08 was the weakest sales month ever, so a few weeks back, founder Larry Maiman penned a plea to the community, asking for help before the cold, hard shutter arrives:

From the Mani's website:

If You Enjoy Mäni’s, PLEASE READ!

Thank you all for enjoying our bakery and food for since 1989! And Happy New Year.

As you know, 2008 was a year like no other in our lifetimes.

Some industries and segments of our society have been greatly affected by the economic downturn. We all know about the financial and real estate sectors, but many don’t know about the impact of the economic belt-tightening on many restaurants and bakeries, especially in the last few months.

Unfortunately, we face the very real possibility of not making it through 2009, unless we can modify our business to function more efficiently in today’s environment.

We need your help to continue. We need your support. If you want to see Mäni’s stay in business, we need your economic support and feedback. Even if that means just coming by for a single cookie, or bringing your friends for a snack, breakfast, lunch, tea or dinner.

Please understand we will not be able to continue as we were. We will have to reduce the bakery selections. This is your opportunity to let us know what you really like, not only by telling us here on this blog, but with your purchasing preferences. We will be closely monitoring selections during January 2009. And we will also be watching our overall sales volume.

Just to let you know, December was the weakest sales Mäni’s has ever had. At this level we will not be able to continue.

As with many businesses, our operating expenses are fixed. Some have increased dramatically, such as our rent which has risen 81% in less than two years. Others are fixed contracts. We have reduced staff, which was painful, but if we can’t improve sales, we won’t be able to cover our expenses.

Please let us know how we can provide the products and service you’d like now.

Thanks in advance for your continued patronage, ideas and support! We look forward to seeing you at Mäni’s soon.

Larry Maiman

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