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Plywood Update: Dates Set For Boho, The Essex

Hollywood: And now, a pair of updates from the Spacecraft front. Since we last checked in on Boho back in December, things have been coming along nicely at Kris Keith's pair of upcoming venues, and tentative dates have been set for both. The plan is to have back to back openings the first week of March. First up will be Boho, Keith's collaboration with Adolfo Suaya and chef Andre Guerrero (see here for more menu details). The week after that, The Essex—Spacecraft's interpretation of the old-school English pub—is set to open on Hollywood Boulevard at Las Palmas. An upscale menu of gastropub fare will arrive courtesy of Chris Ennis.
· Charcoal Becoming Boho, Guerrero on Board [~ELA~]
—Yolanda Evans


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