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EaterWire: Patina Waives Corkage, WeHo Supports Foie Gras Ban, More Hollywood Nightlife Shuffles

LOS ANGELES—Remember when the Patina Group started "testing" corkage fees for its restaurants about a year ago? Well, they've now decided to reconsider that idea, and have now waived corkage fees at all their LA restaurants ... except Patina. [EaterWire, previously]

WEST HOLLYWOOD—For some reason, West Hollywood has taken the liberty of passing a resolution that supports the state's ban of foie gras due in 2012: "The council last night directed that copies of the resolution go to all restaurants in the city found serving foie gras, which the council called a 'product of animal torture.'" Sigh. [DD]

HOLLYWOOD—Another change is in store for the Hollywood bar/club scene, this time at Shag. From Metromix: "Shag’s shutting its doors to become a Japanese-style nightclub complete with 'Harajuku girl go-go dancers.'" Bet you weren't expecting that. [Metromix]

[Photo via Nick and Stef's]