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Week in Reviews: Four Stars For the Bazaar

There were whispers around town all week that Miss Irene would be reviewing the Bazaar by Jose Andres today, and lo and behold, Sherrybaby does not disappoint. In an all-out rave, she has four glowing stars—count 'em, four—for the "intoxicating magic" at work in Beverly Hills' SLS Hotel. A few of the highlights:

Los Angeles has never seen anything remotely like this exciting restaurant ... In four meals here, I've never gotten a bad dish, or really even a boring one -- whether Andres was in town or his chef de cuisine Michael Voltaggio was in charge. Even the most traditional of traditional, the plates of jamón or chorizo served on alabaster oval plates are top notch
All in all, SIV pretty much has the time of her life at the Bazaar (we count seven uses of the word "magic"). From spot-on service to the "laser precision" of each dish to the sheer enjoyment of the dining experience, the Bazaar is a winner; thus, she gives it the four stars it deserves, making it her first four-star grade since 2005. [LAT]

THE ELSEWHERE: The LAT also hits up Hollywood's La Pupusa Loca, Foodinista files the first report from Umami Burger, Dig Lounge sees if Drago Centro lives up to the hype, Rate-a-Resto chimes in on Palate, and last week, Jonathan Gold shared his early thoughts on Fig in Santa Monica.

The Bazaar by Jose Andres

465 South La Cienega Boulevard, West Hollywood, CA 90048 Visit Website