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StarWatch: Beatty and Juno at Providence, Barrymore at El Compadre, Heigl at Cliff's Edge and So Much More!

You see them eating ... and they don't care if they see you. Welcome to another episode of the StarWatch. Kindly direct all sightings to the StarWatch Hotline. Oscar weekend should be a busy one, so keep those eyes peeled.

2008_10_providencesm.jpg1) Providence: To kick off this Friday's edition, we start with an odd couple bringing together old and new Hollywood: "Unusual pairing: spotted at Providence on Monday night. Warren Beatty and Ellen Juno Page dining together ... perhaps a movie in the works..." [StarWatch Inbox]

2) El Compadre: Everyone loves Drew: "My boyfriend and I were dining at El Compadre on Sunset last week and Drew Barrymore was waiting for a table. She was thanking one of the staff members profusely." [StarWatch Inbox]

3) Pizzeria Mozza: "Rashida Jones at the bar at Pizzeria Mozza. She was with some skinny white hipster dude that was a poor man's Seth Cohen. couldn't tell if it was a date or if she was into it. but she's very pretty and looks a lot younger than I expected." [StarWatch Inbox]

4) Cliff's Edge: "Spotted Katherine Heigl on Valentine's Day having brunch at Cliff's Edge in silverlake around 1:30 or 2. This is the second time I've spotted her brunching at this restaurant!" [StarWatch Inbox]

5) M Cafe: "Tuesday - pretty sure we saw Ginnifer Goodwin at M Cafe on Melrose for a late lunch." [StarWatch Inbox]

6) The Wood: "I am a huge Metallica fan and I saw Robert Trujillo at The Wood in Venice, CA having breakfast with his mom having a MILO SKILLET (It's one of my fav's). It's also one of the best organic restaurants in the country!!!" [StarWatch Inbox]

7) Kogi: Last week, Elijah Wood and Dominic Monaghan were spotted together at Ivan Kane, and this week, the tiny hobbit BFFs took their turn at the Kogi truck. Bonus: there's also this oddly fascinating, if slightly terrifying, photo. [StarWatch]