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Plywood: Recession or Not, WeHo Getting More Caviar

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Notice some fresh plywood on your block? Do let us know. Bonus points and gold stars if you include photos.

2009_02_thequotablecaviar.jpgWest Hollywood: Blackburn + Sweetzer brings the news that North Robertson's Petrossian Paris has temporarily shuttered for renovations. When it reopens next month, the plan is to feature an expanded dining area, a tasting area, and a lot more "product." As B+S points out, we have no idea how a caviar specialist—with the per-ounce rate starting at $36 and going up to $617—can survive in this economic climate, let alone be so bold as to mount an expansion, but that's exactly what Petrossian Paris seems to be doing.

Also? Please see and appreciate the hiatus signage (pictured above) to behold an instant classic in the world of "unnecessary" quotes.
· Eats—Petrossian Paris Caviar Expanding [B+S]

Petrossian Paris

321 North Robertson Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90211 310-271-0576