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EaterWire: Kogi at Alibi, Stone Fire Changing Name

CULVER CITY—The day has finally arrived: tonight, Kogi goes indoors and takes over the kitchen of the Alibi Room. A tentative menu is here (brace), and all reports from those who dare to brave Night #1 should be directed to the Kogi Hotline. [EaterWire, previously]

WEST HOLLYWOOD—Greg Morris will be changing the name of Stone Fire Pizza to something only slightly less confusing: "He will start easing the new name onto printed material next month, and in a few months the entire changeover should be complete. Oak Fire will also be the new name of the Sherman Oaks outpost of Stone Fire, which should open on Ventura Boulevard near Casa Vega by April." [DD]

SPAIN—The people of Spain love Batali's outburst in SoBE last week: "...they have taken to adopting the 'All you weasel f***wads in the back corners, can I have ten seconds of your time?' and 'Jose Andres has the most motherf—— stars of any Spanish restaurant in the U.S' as ringtones." [TFB via ENY]

[Photo: Alibi Room]

Kogi BBQ Food Truck

Moving Target!, Southern California, CA