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EaterWire: Drago on His Crowds, Dueling Piano Deli Brainstorms, Mani's Makes Price Changes, Top Cheffage

DOWNTOWN—Celestino Drago takes to the Wall Street Journal to attest that people are actually going to Drago Centro (and also that he already cut prices): "The Los Angeles Times published a positive review earlier this month, but noted that it was nearly empty at dinner. Mr. Drago says the restaurant is typically quite full. Before opening the restaurant, he says, he scrapped plans to charge $36 to $38 for entrees and cut prices to below $32." [WSJ]

MISSION VIEJO—How to save a struggling entertainment center? Um, insert a Jewish-Italian deli with dueling pianos that play Snoop Dogg and Billy Joel? Oh boy: "The food will be a blend in Jewish-Italian deli cuisine. Live jazz and a DJ are expected to entertain diners, as well dueling pianos playing music from Billy Joel, The Beatles, Snoop Dog, Nirvana, Cold Play and other entertainers." [OCR]

MID-CITY—Following a deluge of reader response to the Rally Cry, Mani's Bakery has lowered some of its prices. From the bakery's blog: "As part of Mäni’s ongoing effort to deliver value to our loyal customers, we’ve just lowered the prices for pies and cake slices! ... Cake and pie slices are now only $6! ... Whole pies are ready to take home for as little as $22. That’s a reduction of almost 33%!" [EaterWire]

TOP CHEFFAGE—Not only was Hosea crowned Top Chef this week, but he has a new girlfriend too. And you'll never guess who it is ... actually, you probably will. Yep: "Last week, when the Bravo reality show hit West Village hot spot Madame X, contestants Leah Cohen and Hosea Rosenberg were passionately making out at the bar. 'They were really going at it,' a bartender told us." Class-y. [Page Six/Eater NY]

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