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EaterWire: Top Chef Casting Call, Craft Specials, More!

TOP CHEFFAGE—Attention all B-level chefs who would like the opportunity to be reality stars and/or semi-famous chefs. The current season of Top Chef might not be over yet, but already Bravo is casting for its upcoming sixth season. The SoCal casting call will take place Sunday, March 15th, 10am to 2pm at Craft. Spread the word to all your chef friends. [EaterWire]

CENTURY CITY—Speaking of Craft, the restaurant's First Winemaker Dinner will take place exactly a week from today, on the 10th. It will feature Betts & Scholl and Scarpetta Wines and will set you back a cool $190 per person. [EaterWire]

HORROR SHOWS—You'll never look at dry-roasted peanuts in the same way. From CBS: "A former employee of the Georgia peanut plant at the center of a criminal investigation in a nationwide salmonella outbreak says he saw a rat dry-roasting in a peanut area...three or four months ago, Prather says, he saw the rat "dry roasting in the peanuts.'" [CBS]

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