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Chow Wars: Philippe Chow Coming to Beverly Hills

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Beverly Hills: The Philippe Chow "juggernaut" already boasts outposts in New York, Miami and Mexico City—not to mention its plans for Vegas—but the "other" Chow is now casting his gaze towards Los Angeles ... directly in the backyard of one Michael Chow, to be specific:

Chef Philippe Chow and his partner, Stratis Morfogen, tapped retail broker Jay Luchs to find a space in Beverly Hills just three blocks from the Mr. Chow restaurant there, which has a similar menu since Philippe used to cook at Mr. Chow. "This will make [Mr. Chow owner and no relation] Michael Chow crazy," laughed an insider. "Philippe and Stratis may need security."
If all the chips fall correctly, this could have the makings of a restaurant rival showdown that surpasses the Wolfgang Wars of '08.
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