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Week in Reviews: AK Restaurant Gets the 2.5

Alen Lin, 12/2/08

Today, the lovely Miss Irene files on Conny Andersson's AK Restaurant + Bar, and given her first look at the Scandinavian place back in December, it shouldn't come as too much of a surprise that she's a big fan of the chef:

Andersson's menu is really more global bistro than anything else ... Andersson is a seasoned chef, and it showed even in the first week, when the kitchen performed as if the place had been open for months, not days. That may seem like a small thing, but as new restaurants go lately, it's major ... But if you're deciding between cheese and dessert, I'd go for the profiteroles, the best in L.A., stuffed with house-made vanilla ice cream and lavished with a dreamy warm chocolate sauce.
In the end, she bestows 2.5 stars upon AK, along with high marks for some luxurious seats and the following longshot prediction for a dining future filled with a bistros and bulgogi trucks: "It just may be time for a Scandinavian revival with Conny Andersson's smart new restaurant leading the way." [LAT]

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