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On Smoking on Patios

Beverly Hills has banned smoking on patios, but LA hasn't quite yet, much to the chagrin of some patrons of the Newsroom Cafe on Robertson: "Then the waiter came over and rolled up the plastic sides and the bitch smoker heathens lit up again. I sweetly talked to the manager, telling her that I was pretty sure it was against the law to allow smoking, even on a patio, especially since it was covered on virtually all sides by awning. She said she agreed, but the owner didn’t prevent it?. so what could she do? I let her know she could tell idiots who smoke in public places to stop because all the other patrons hated it, but she just shrugged and gave me the owners email to complain to." The question: even it is technically legal, should the cafe acquiesce to the bothered majority of non-smokers or not? [MetBlogs]