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The Shutter: SBE Gives In, Closes Controversial S Bar

Alen Lin, 10/29/07

Hollywood: Remember that summer lawsuit against S Bar that saw nearby condo owners complain about the "unreasonably and unacceptably disruptive" actions of the bar? Well, turns out that the neighborhood has triumphed over noise, because according to The Guide, SBE has decided to shutter S Bar. Choice quote from the statement:

While SBE put significant time and funding toward mitigating the noise issues (including hiring numerous sound experts, installing a sound isolating ceiling and other soundproofing measures), unfortunately, these measures were not able to reduce the sound from S Bar to a level that was satisfactory to these residents.
SBE goes on to tell the LAT that they will relocate S Bar at some point; as for the Hollywood space, rumor is that Katsuya could be a prime candidate for expansion.
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