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TV Analysis: Early Thoughts on Chopping Block

Last night's premiere of NBC's much-hyped Chopping Block introduced America to sockless British celebrity chef Marco Pierre White. Naturally, plenty of folks are sharing their thoughts on last night's opener, so without further ado, let's take a gander at the various schools of thought:

This seems familiar: "Chopping Block, NBC's Marco Pierre White vehicle that premiered last night, is really just a season-long episode of Top Chef's Restaurant Wars .... instead of a motley cast of camera-friendly young chefs, you have a group of eight couples, seemingly cast more for their ability to fill a quota—there's a black team, an Asian team, an old team, a douche team, etc.—than for their cooking backgrounds." [Eater NY]

Actually, this seems really familiar: "Allow me to call a spade a spade: NBC's latest reality show, The Chopping Block, is essentially Top Chef mixed with The Apprentice, with a dash of The Amazing Race for good measure. Once I made peace with that recipe, I somewhat enjoyed during its season premiere last night." [EW]

Marco Pierre White rules: "Can I easily express my awe at the coolness of Marco Pierre White? Aside from his presence on the show, you have to understand the immense moral capital the man is drawing upon ... I could sit there watching him pontificate in that chair for hours. Sign me up. I’ve found my new spiritual leader." [The-Feedbag]

Marco Pierre White does not rule: "...instead of mensch Tom Colicchio, you have an egomaniacal creepy White behaving like a lunatic." [Eater NY]

Too Much Cooking Competition Television!: "I just didn't buy into the whole thing ... Does that make me a heartless, jaded serious eater with a rotten food television palate? I don't think so. It may be that that the hard drive that is my brain has no more room for any additional cooking competition shows." [SE]

Odds are we won't follow the entire season this closely, but nonetheless, let's hear your thoughts on Chopping Block and Marco Pierre White. Enjoyable, painful, a return visit? To the comments you go!

[Photo: NBC]