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Good News/Bad News: Cecconi's

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Photo: Cecconi's

With exactly a month in the books, it's probably safe to say Cecconi's has been the talk of the town (non-truck division, natch), at least for the scene-craving set. Even before the WeHo heavyweight opened, it was hailed as the heir apparent to The Ivy by multiple folks, but how exactly has the London import fared on Melrose in its first 30 days? Let's take a look at the buzz from Month One:

Cautiously Optimistic News: "Went there the other night and thought it was really good. I love what they're doing here. Nobody has ever tried to do a restaurant like this before in LA. It's all very Mayfair and chic, and I thought the service was surprisingly good for such a new spot, especially considering all the tableside stuff going on. For now, I'm very excited about it. But only time will tell, of course." [Eater Comments]

Bad News: "Ate at Cecconi's Tuesday night. Food was way less than mediocre. Lobster spaghetti: rubbery tasteless lobster with Chef Boy-Ar-Dee canned pasta. Beef tartare was drenched in truffle oil. Swordfish grossly overcooked, very dry. Seated on 'patio', and halfway thru dinner people are standing nearby and smoking. All this at prices only about 15% less than Mozza. Never again." [Eater Comments]

Good News, Wallet Edition: "What with the British pound conversion rate, private club past, and Madge-munching, you might be thinking Cecconi's will break the bank. In fact, it's probably the best buy around, with a three-course dinner for two, including a bottle of wine, coming in at around $125." [HeSaidMag]

Good News, Vibe Edition: "Went there for the public opening night. Had a bottle of prosecco at the bar. The bar stools weren't comfy for the legs. The overall decor was good. The vibe was amazing. It wasn't too loud like Ago where you couldn't even hear your date. Veal Ossobuco was good. The Sea bass was kinda dry. The scallops from the cicchetti (small plates) menu were super tasty. Finally, the tiramisu was an A." [Eater Comments]

The SIV News: "The other surprise is the prices: not expensive as these places go ... I expect to see Cecconi's doing a brisk business. Scene plus location plus Italian food has always been the formula for success in L.A. Whether they can do lunch -- and breakfast -- remains to be seen." [Miss Irene]

Your Requisite Brain-Numbing Yelp News: "Anyway the big winner here is the coffee. This shit is soo good. and by shit I mean coffee, and by coffee I mean this majestic drink of gloriousness ... I got the tuna tar tar, which was a perfect match of dressing , this I would order every time I came for lunch ... It normally comes with capers but they were able to keep them away, those little nasty pieces of crap. Anyway super good." [Yelp]


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