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EaterWire: Larchmont Ad, Brix Promo, Rivera Late Night

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MID CITY—A sharp-eyed Eating LA catches that Larchmont Grill is on the market and can be yours for a mere $1,095,000. [Eating LA] UPDATE: Please note that the Larchmont Grill property—not the business itself—is the subject of the aforementioned ad. We repeat: the Larchmont Grill business is not for sale. Our apologies for any confusion.

PASADENA—Open only a week in P-Town, Brix 42 is rolling out the recession specials: "Experience a new concept in dining and receive 50% off food orders from 5pm – 10pm in the dining area March 29th – April 2nd." [EaterWire]

DOWNTOWNFood GPS brings word that Rivera that is now featuring a new late-night menu too. The GPS has more specifics like the special cocktail list, but John Sedlar and company are offering the menu from Thursday to Saturday from 10:30pm to midnight. [GPS]

Rivera Restaurant

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