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EaterWire: Grilled Cheese Invitational, Brix 42 Freebies, Domino's Big Grossout

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LOS ANGELES—According to MetBlogs, registration is now open for the 1st 7th Annual Grilled Cheese Invitational, set to take place two weekends from now (April 25th). Get excited. [MetBlogs]

PASADENACraft Beer Week is coming up, and to celebrate, P-Town's newish gastropub Brix 42 will be offering free food—defined as "a choice of any one non alcoholic item from the menu"—on Monday, May 11th from 5pm to 10pm. [EaterWire]

PIZZAVERSE— Last night Consumerist posted videos of Domino's employees behaving badly (think toppings in orifices). Today, they were fired. Slice's take: "To its credit, Domino's corporate was swift in handling this, but this incident is a perfect reminder why it's better to go to an indie pizzeria. In the videos, there's no supervision of these two presumably low-level employees, who have no interest in doing or incentive to do anything more than shit around." [Slice via ENY]