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DevelopmentWatch: Two Spaces Gone, One Open at New Hollywood & Vine Project

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A rendering of the unleased restaurant space.
A rendering of the unleased restaurant space.

Hollywood: Thanks to Charlie Amter's piece last month, we already know that the top floor of the Hollywood and Vine development will be an opulent, 20,000-square-foot Vegas-style club by Victor Drai and friends, and now we have word that another space has been claimed by a restaurant group that just signed a lease there (the catch, however, is that everyone is staying mum on the identity of said restaurant group). Anyway, there's still one more space available, rendered above: 7,200 square feet total, 25 feet ceilings and a 2,000 square feet patio. Gordon Ramsay, we're looking at you (note: not true, but let's hear your ideal restaurateurs).
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