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Online Bromance: Stefan and Fabio Continue to Fascinate

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A tipster caught quite the virtual tickle-fight between everyone's local favorite Top Chef alums Stefan Richter and Fabio Viviani, and it seems that the Team Euro love that started on the television has now extended to the realm of Facebook. From what we gather, Stefan thinks Fabio—aka "prince of sandwiches and icecream"—has been lifting friends from his profile so he's returned the favor in effort to win Top Facebook. Or something. Anyway, the exchange is poetry. Pure, epic, trash-talking BFF poetry:

Stefan Richter: See Fabio you started adding all my Friends so i tought i ad some of yours. Then we are even RIGHT. Hope the event in Venice goes well at the Gallery.

A further sampling of the non-sequitur brilliance at work on Facebook. You've gotta love it:

Fabio Viviani: Why did you deleted my comment on your profile??? That is weird.... you dont like me anymore puppy?
I think you're getting old.
I never add a single friend from you, but it's ok, help yourself, i got plenty of them, no much to add on your side for me ;-).
You already won over me on Top Chef, now you want to win also on Facebook?? You are a fighter.... i am just a lover!
You made it further on the show.... everybody knows that you're the best, after Hosea, i'm just kidding, dont pull your hair out now..... oops!! No Hair....sorry....
Love you buddy, still messing with each other, like on the show, just dont delete my messages anymore, that is not fun.... hope ill see you soon.

Stefan Richter: Ok Fabio you deleted my Comment, you are such a Double sidet sword. Prince of sandwiches and icecream. I think you are worried that i catch up with you my friend. Please feel free to correct any things you sayed on my site ;-). Hope you are well

Fabio Viviani: Screw you guys !!!! :-) Tofu is a Soy milk derivated made out of the same procedures that bring cheese come out of cow's milk..... tofu with the same procedures come out from soymilk....go to vikipedia and check that out !!!! I'm italian and this is the way i roll !!!! Tofu is a kind of cheese made out of soymilk.... that's it.... and if you dont agree we can agree to disagree....still love you buddy !!!!!!! Get some more friends youre behind !!!!! Love you all...... Stefan youy are a rock star !!!! Love you man........ I will be Top Facebook...... screw you and Hosea !!!!! :-) hahahahahaha

Stefan Richter: Yes and Fabio i have the greate Pasta Recipies for you ;-). Frome mie Grantmaatterr. Just text me i sende theme to youe ;-).

These guys probably need their own reality show.

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